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Purchase a Digital Copy - £10.00

My PixInsight Guide is a personal guide for Calibration, Integration and Processing of deep sky objects through PixInsight 1.8 All methods used in this book are my own personal preference and may vary dependant on data collected.


In this book I share my PixInsight steps but in simple terms without the technical jargon that can put many astrophotographers off using Pixinsight. Or for those that do not understand the complexity of PixInsight modules. lets face it! they can be very overwhelming.


Please be aware that this book does not explain the in-depth details of these processes. There are other books such as Warren A Keller Inside PixInsight that are great for learning the technical side of astrophotography and more advance processing. Therefore the reader should have experience and knowledge of each process and the basic use of PixInsight.


My recommendation is to experiment with each module to find what meet your needs!


My PixInsight Guide digital copy originally was going to be published free of charge to my fellow astrophotographers! as I have no interest in making money from this rewarding hobby and astrocaller.co.uk is all about helping those learning or those looking to improve their skills.

However due to the devastating bushfires in Australia and the impact these fires are having on the wildlife especially the Koala's. Therefore I Michael Caller have decided to charge a £10.00 fee for a digital copy (PDF) of My PixInsight Guide and donate all monies to the The Longleat Charity supporting three rescue centres in Australia that are hard at work recusing Koala'sKangaroo's & Wombat's and providng them with the care they desperately need! 


1. Email  astrocaller1@gmail.com requesting a digital copy. 

2. You will receive a email  with a code.

3. Hit purchase below.  This will direct you to our JustGiving page.

4. Donate minimum of £10.00 with your full name and code clearly shown.

5. Within 24 hours you will receive  a email with a download link from WeTransfer. (link will expire in 7days)

Sample - 23 Selected pages from a 90 page document  

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