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My PixInsight Guide is a personal guide I wrote for Calibration, Integration and Processing of deep sky objects through PixInsight 1.8, however this personal guide evolved into a guide that I can share with all fellow astrophotographers. All methods used in this guide are my own personal preference that I have spent the past 18 months experimenting with and may vary dependant on data collected

Within this guide I share my PixInsight steps but in simple terms without the technical jargon that can put many astrophotographers off using Pixinsight or for those that do not understand the complexity of PixInsight modules. Lets face it! They can be very overwhelming.

Please be aware that this guide does not explain the in-depth details of these processes. There are books such as Warren A Keller Inside PixInsight and Chris Woodhouse The Astrophotography Manual that are great for learning the technical side of astrophotography and more advance processing. Therefore the reader of this guide should have experience and knowledge of each process and the basic use of PixInsight.

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